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Crizal Coating for Eyeglass Lenses

West Florida Eye Care is proud to offer Crizal Coating for eyeglass lenses. Learn more about this product and and its benefits.

What is Crizal coating?

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Crizal is a brand name, and the coatings they sell mostly serve to protect lenses, improve their quality, and increase their longevity. Their lenses achieve better transparency, resitance to smudging, resistance to dust, higher ultra-violet light protection for eyes, scratch resistance, and beading of water than non-coated lenses. We frequently recommend these lenses during our Ft. Myers / Lehigh Acres eye examination of our clients.

How does it work?

Crizal lenses are protected with different layers of coatings.

One set of layers is an shock-absorbing layer. The benefit of that layer is a much-improved resistance to scratching.

Another major layer is akin to Teflon for eyeglasses. It’s a non-stick layer made up of a chemical just like that in Teflon. It fills in microscopic cracks in the glass which otherwise would collect things–dust, water, and smudges.

Yet another layer is a conductive layer which is placed to counteract the electrostatic charge generated by cleaning the lenses. That charge, if not counteracted, attracts dust particles which will cling to an untreated lens.

Recently, Crizal became one of the first companies to treat the rear of the lens, which results in a marked reduction in the amout of light reflected off the rear of the lens into the wearer’s eye. With untreated lenses, the UV light reflected off the back of the lens can account for as much as fifty percent of the total.


Crizal coated lenses stand up well to day-to-day use. They bead raindrops, which roll off the lenses like they might on a windshield with Rain-X. The treated lenses resist smudging and attract no dust. The rear of the lens does not reflect UV light, where a typical lens does. The end result is a safer, more transparent lens and less effort to keep it clean.

Can I get fitted for lenses with Crizal coatings in a Ft. Myers or Lehigh Acres eye examination?

Dr. Azizi at West Florida Eye Care is carries Crizal coated lenses and may recommend them in your Ft. Myers & Lehigh Acres eye examination.

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