West Florida Eye Care Patient Testimonials

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  • I just could not find someone to fit my eyes with hard contact lenses successfully. My last Doctor stated that she could not serve me any longer due to lack of success after several trials. after my second visit with Dr. Azizi (O.D.), I have not seen this great since I was in my 30’s. Thank you Dr. Azizi.

    J.B. Dec 2008

  • I am so glad I found Dr. Azizi (O.D.). All I have to say is WOW. As my luck would have it, I lost one of my (RGP) lenses. I called few offices and they said that they do not have hard contact lenses. I felt so desperate since I moved to Southwest Florida recently, and did not have a back up pair of glasses. I called West Florida Eye Care, and explained my situation to the receptionist whom said: “Yes we do hard contact lenses, but hold on let me transfer you to Dr. Azizi.” Sure enough, Dr. Azizi got on the phone with me. What impressed me is that he got on the phone with me himself. I was a stranger and not one of his patients. He squeezed me in that same day and two days later, I was seeing with my new RGP lenses as great as I have ever. Thank you.

    Melissa D. Jan 09