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  • Six Tips When Buying Eyeglasses for Your Child

    When you're buying eyeglasses for your child, there's a lot of things to balance. Budget, style, the fact that your kid will probably step on them eventually--all important details. So here's the nitty-gritty on what you should be thinking about when you're purchasing glasses for Mini-me: Frames We've written a more extensive guide to choosing eyeglass frames, and most of the advice ...

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  • Ft Myers Eyeglass Frames

    Choosing Eyeglass Frames -- Ft. Myers | West Florida Eye Care There's a ton of variety in eyeglass frames and the options can be a bit overwhelming. It's hard to predict what will look good on your face. Facial shape, nose size, hair color, eye color, and skin tone are just a few personal factors that you might take into account. Then try ...

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