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  • Keeping Your Vision Healthy with Nutrition for Your Eyes

    Eye nutrition might not be something that keeps you up at night, but keeping your eyes well-fed can help prevent many eye conditions like cataracts, dry eyes, macular degeneration, night-vision deterioration. Eye nutrition has moved beyond the proverbial carrot; doctors have narrowed down some essential nutrients that contribute to eye health or help stave off conditions that decrease the quality of eyesight. The quick summary might come as no surprise: ...

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  • Obamacare Should Make Diabetic Eye Exams Mandatory!

    When it comes to diabetes and eyes, most diabetics are told by their primary care doctor to have their eyes examined yearly but are rarely told why. So when I or Dr. Samuel Kaler, OD Fort Myers Florida ask these diabetic patients this question, " what do you know about diabetes and your eyes," they often reply with "well ...

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  • Five Tips for Choosing an Eye Doctor

    While many people claim a general physician or family doctor, not all of us have an eye doctor to call our own. There are plenty to choose from, and much of the same advice that you could apply to finding a new family physician could be applied to finding an eye care specialist. These 5 tips will help you make sure you're ...

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  • Dry Eyes

    Problematic dry eyes are one of the most common problems reported to eye doctors.  Dry eyes result from either a decrease in the amount of tear production, or the quality or composition of the tears produced. Common Symptoms of Dry Eyes Common symptoms of dry eyes may include blurred or variable vision, sensitivity to light, dryness, burning, stinging, gritty or foreign body sensations.  Occasionally, ...

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