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  • Obamacare Should Make Diabetic Eye Exams Mandatory!

    When it comes to diabetes and eyes, most diabetics are told by their primary care doctor to have their eyes examined yearly but are rarely told why. So when I or Dr. Samuel Kaler, OD Fort Myers Florida ask these diabetic patients this question, " what do you know about diabetes and your eyes," they often reply with "well ...

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  • Nearpoint Stress Can Ruin Your Vision

    Nearpoint Stress is commonplace and damaging Step back a minute to your days in the school classroom: the teacher is lecturing, and you've got your head resting in the crook of your elbow, face inches from the paper where you're taking notes--or doodling. The teacher calls your attention to the blackboard, and you look up. After a few seconds, everything comes into ...

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  • Six Tips When Buying Eyeglasses for Your Child

    When you're buying eyeglasses for your child, there's a lot of things to balance. Budget, style, the fact that your kid will probably step on them eventually--all important details. So here's the nitty-gritty on what you should be thinking about when you're purchasing glasses for Mini-me: Frames We've written a more extensive guide to choosing eyeglass frames, and most of the advice ...

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