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Obamacare Should Make Diabetic Eye Exams Mandatory!

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Eye with blood vesselsWhen it comes to diabetes and eyes, most diabetics are told by their primary care doctor to have their eyes examined yearly but are rarely told why. So when I or Dr. Samuel Kaler, OD Fort Myers Florida ask these diabetic patients this question, ” what do you know about diabetes and your eyes,” they often reply with “well I know diabetes is not good for my eyes and I may go blind.” While this answer is not off the mark, it should be noted that your eyes are the only place in your entire body that a doctor can look at your blood vessels without cutting you. Diabetes essentially affects the blood vessels within your body and cause them leak blood. Like a garden hose with holes and leakage, less of the nutritious blood reaches the required destination. This will eventually lead to the break down of the body as seen so often in diabetics.

I normally will tell my patients the importance of yearly eye exams for diabetes without any diabetic retinopathy (terminology used for bleeding of the retinal vasculature due to diabetes). Should we exam diabetic retinopathy, based on its degree of manifestation, those patients will be seen at a higher interval within the year. The importance of this message is to understand that if you have diabetes, get your eyes examined at least yearly. Should you have bleeding in the retina, chances are very high that other organs such as your heart, kidneys and other end organs are bleeding as well. So an eye exam is just not for your eyes but think of it as a check on other organs that are affected by diabetes.

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When it comes to diabetes, get your eyes examined.

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