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Ft Myers Eyeglass Frames

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Choosing Eyeglass Frames — Ft. Myers | West Florida Eye Care

Fort Myers Eyeglass FramesThere’s a ton of variety in eyeglass frames and the options can be a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to predict what will look good on your face. Facial shape, nose size, hair color, eye color, and skin tone are just a few personal factors that you might take into account. Then try to decide how all those factors are going to interact with all the shapes, colors, widths, and styles of frames–Good luck!

That said, here’s a pretty bulletproof plan to get some eyeglass frames that suit you:

  1. Match the size of your frames to the size of your face. There’s detailed guides out there to help you do this, but the basic premise is that the eyeglass frames have to be the right size for your face. Extra width isn’t always bad, though–so make sure to try on a few pairs that seem just a little too big. Don’t forget to size your frames vertically as well as horizontally–they can be too “short” or “tall.” Different sizes can help different facial shapes, too–much in the same way that black is slimming.
  2. Contrast facial features with the frames. In a nutshell, people with round faces can provide some structure to their face by choosing eyeglass frames with straight lines and hard angles. Conversely, people with a square or angular face can soften it by choosing rounded frames.
  3. Put your eyeballs in the middle. Hopefully goes without saying, but your eyes belong in the center of the window when the frames are resting on your face. Double check!
  4. Bring a style buddy. Plenty of people out there don’t have a great personal sense of style. They need to bring a buddy who does! Even if your style is defined and you’re confident about it, sometimes you’re jaded to your own look. Bring along a friend and give them some veto power. If you can’t find anyone to bring along (or maybe just nobody who’s opinion you trust!), you can always ask someone at the office.
  5. Check the materials. You don’t want to get brushed nickel eyeglass frames if you have a nickel allergy. Beyond that, materials all have different feels and weights. The same exact style of frame built in titanium will feel different on your face than if built from a nylon–different materials may eliminate discomfort or improve a fit.
  6. Color–it’s important! Find the right color–and make sure to pay attention to all your colors. Hair, eye, eyebrow, and skintone. Fashion experts say you don’t have to worry about matching to your clothes–your eyeglass frames won’t clash with your shirt’s color. I defer to them.
  7. Look from every angle. Frames might be great from the front and disappointing from the side. Make sure you check them out!
  8. The dirtiest secret of them all: try on a bunch of eyeglass frames. Try on narrow, try on wide, try on stuff you don’t like and stuff you do like. You’d be surprised what can look good to you, and your buddy (you brought along a buddy, right?) might notice some things as well.

If all that fails, ask us! If you’re in our office, solicit our help choosing out your Ft. Myers eyeglass frames. We’re experts!

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